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We here at Kendall Homes take pride in assisting our customers in every step of the home buying process from the day you find a home until the day you move in. We know it doesn’t stop there so our commitment to ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied keeps us going. Also, here are a few of our homeowners comments about us that we would like to share with you.

Misty & William Baird

My husband and I bought our Kendall Home in Newport.  It was the same floor plan as the model and we loved everything about it right down to the brick color and pattern.  Our salesperson Chris took good care of us and we closed within two week’s time.

Wil and Bobbie Baird (my husband’s parents), thought the home was built so well they decided to have a Kendall Home built that was just a little smaller than ours and they even got to pick a beautiful corner lot with big trees.  They moved in.

Finally, my husband’s single brother found a one-story home to fit his lifestyle, not too big, but was just perfect for him. His home is very open and has high ceilings, but still so easy to maintain.  It was also at an affordable price that he could handle. Joel moved into his new home.

All of us think Kendall Homes have beautiful, well designed plans that maximize their living space. As you can see, the Baird’s are a family of Kendall Homes and I don’t think we would have enjoyed the experience so much without Chris, our knowledgeable and helpful salesperson.  Being so close in the same neighborhood is a big plus for us, and we all love our homes.

Josh Loyd

I am writing this letter to express my complete satisfaction with my Kendall Home purchase. This was our very first home and we had never built a home before so we were extremely nervous. Our sales rep Fran Born was very knowledgeable and very patience with us. She made time for us whenever we called and held our hand through the process and made this a great experience. We were able to make our own color selections from start to finish and our home is just beautiful. The construction process went smoothly and any questions or concerns were addressed quickly. The loan process was grueling. But thankful, due to the knowledge and experience of both the Lender and our Sales rep Fran Born, they got us through it. We are very happy and proud of our new home and would highly recommend Kendall Homes to our friends and family!

The Rabideau Family

The Williams Family

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