What Should You Look for During an Open House?

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What Should You Look for During an Open House?

Posted by admin on May 30, 2016
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To would-be homebuyers, touring an open house that is newly built may seem like a piece of cake. Older houses can come with significant sets of problems, such as cracks in the foundation, mold, and even financial problems such as liens. While it’s true that purchasing a new house contains fewer pitfalls, there are still a few important things to keep in mind as you do a full walkthrough of a new home.

Items To Be Aware of During A New Home Showing

Judging the Layoutnew construction homes

Pictures of a home do not always give an adequate feel for the layout and flow of the home.  For families with children, bedroom placement can often be important. Are the bedrooms close enough to infants and young children? Are bedrooms far enough away from teenagers so that you don’t hear noise?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home–does it feel inviting and spacious, or does it feel cramped, with little counter space? A good rule of thumb is to keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing a home.

Closet and Storage Space

For many, having ample closet and storage space is a must. This again is reflected by your lifestyle. If you are a larger family, closet space is a definite necessity. Also, take a look at the laundry room to see if there’s ample storage for items.

The Neighborhood and Neighbors

Try to do a little research on the neighborhood itself before going to the open house. If you’re a family with school-age children, doing research on the school district is an absolute necessity.

Remember, your neighbors are somewhat of a permanent fixture. Do the neighbors have dogs that bark all day? Is their yard and home well kept? A home is a big decision, and the neighborhood and the neighbors themselves may have a big impact on your comfort level.

The Privacy Factor

Even if you have decided that you will love the neighborhood and the neighbors, for many, privacy is a big concern. When you look out the window, how close are the surrounding houses? Putting up a fence or planting hedges can solve this problem, but that may not be one you want to tackle immediately after moving into your new home.

It’s a terrific idea to select the neighborhood you want before a home is even constructed. For high-quality and durably built custom homes that suit your every need, contact Kendall Homes today to see how we can relieve your stress of searching for a new home.