How to Know if Your New Home Building Project Has a Solid Foundation

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How to Know if Your New Home Building Project Has a Solid Foundation

Posted by admin on April 25, 2016
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new home buildingBuilding a new home is often more expensive than buying a pre-owned home. Nonetheless, it is the preferred option because it comes with so many pluses; like the ability to choose exactly how you want your house to look. But, no home is structurally sound without proper foundation building.

The foundation is the most important aspect of building a house. When you decide to start a new home building project, the first step is to find the right builder to ensure that your new home has a solid foundation.

Determining If Your Foundation Is Solid

Types of Foundations

You can find home foundations made of brick, stone, even wood, but by and large, modern homes are built with concrete foundations. There are three main types of concrete foundations used by home builders; basement foundations, crawlspaces, and slab foundations.

According to the NAHB, more than half of newly built homes were on slab foundations in 2014. Basement foundations made up nearly 30% while only 15% of new homes built had a crawlspace.

What to Ask

The numbers are not hard and fast and the types of concrete used for the foundation make a huge difference too. Before you decide on a particular builder, you should ask:bigstock-Question-Marks-5255542-1024x768

  • How will the slope of your home site affect construction? Re-grading and additional drainage installation can get expensive.
  • Which foundation type works best with the soil in your area? Drainage, concrete type, and site preparation are all dictated by the type of soil underneath the house.
  • What type of concrete will be used to lay the foundation? Concrete comes in a variety of blends with different strengths which will affect the longevity and soundness of your foundation.

What to Look Out For

Not all cracks are symptoms of a foundational problem, but for a newly built home, all cracks should be investigated. Here are some other things to look out for:

  • Grit forming on the concrete slab could be a sign of freezing and should be tested for stability.
  • Crooked door jambs and window seals could indicate abnormal sinking.
  • Horizontal cracks are a sign that the foundation may not be solid.
  • Pooling water at the base of the foundation indicates bad drainage which could lead to leaks and water damage.

Turn to a Trusted Builder

The easiest way to ensure that your new home project is built on a solid foundation is to turn to a trusted home builder–Kendall Homes has been building new houses since 1993. Are you thinking about building a new home? If so, find out what type of foundation is right for your project by contacting us today. Your dream home is only one call away!